Who should perform a bris?

Someone very experienced in performing circumcision, who is certified by a Jewish Berit Milah Board. My personal feeling is it is a tremendous advantage for me to be a pediatrician and a mother, because of the importance of fast and gentle surgery.

As a physician, I have the medical training that facilitates a fast and gentle circumcision. As a mother, I am motivated by my passion for a baby's comfort and safety.

Most American Jewish families are not Hebrew-fluent and many are conflicted about the meaning of this ritual. I understand that, address it, and hopefully reaffirm the meaning to you and your guests so that all present understand.

Being a mother is a great advantage for me. There is Biblical precedent for a female mohelet. In the Bible, Moses' wife Zipporah circumcises their son (and saves Moses' life in the process!).

In fact, the only two parents actually named in the Torah (the Five Books of Moses) as circumcising their own sons were Abraham, the Patriarch, and Zipporah, Moses' wife.

Is there anything wrong with a female mohel (a mohelet)? No! There is no passage in scripture decreeing that mohelets are illegitimate.